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The Computer Architecture Student Association (CASA) is back with the summer DEI reading group! Like last year’s iteration, we’ll meet every other week, read an article or watch a short movie together and discuss it!

No pre-meeting reading is required!

Who can join the reading group?
While CASA organizes the reading group, it is open to everyone in the computing community, including professors, industry practitioners, faculties, and students. CASA members will provide materials and guide the readings, and both senior and junior members in the field will participate and contribute to the conversations. This time, we are also honored to invite Kathryn McKinley who won the Distinguished Service Award in the computer architecture community to guide and give a preface for our first reading.

The reading group will be spread over six-to-seven weeks over the summer. To accommodate people from different time zones and schedules, we will meet at various times over the summer. After you fill out the form we will send out a poll to decide on the exact time. Please check out the schedule below.

How are the sessions structured?
Each session has two parts:
During the first 20 minutes, we’ll read the article or watch a documentary. To enable more people to take advantage of the reading group, we do not require you to read any material before the meeting. If you do, you can skip this part and jump straight to the next.
Following 40 minutes, we’ll split into groups using Zoom breakout sessions to discuss the material.

Tentative Schedule

Date Reading Zoom link
7/13 11am EDT What Happens to Us Does Not Happen to Most of You | SIGARCH

With an introduction by Kathryn McKinley 
Link and time will be sent to participants after registration
7/27 11am EDT Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber — Susan Fowler  Link and time will be sent to participants after registration
8/10 12 PM EDT Does Gender Matter? by Ben A Barres | Learn Science at Scitable  Link and time will be sent to participants after registration
8/24 12 PM EDT Coded Bias Link and time will be sent to participants after registration
More to come! 

Hope to see you at the first summer reading group this summer!

If you would like to volunteer to help run this group, please reach out to us at

Please sign up using our google form to get notifications and registration links before the meetings: Google Form

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